Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Count down to opening day

Its been over a week since the last post, and the reason why is a good one. We are 1 day away, yes 24 hours from opening our doors to the public. Its been a week and a half of non sop days and nights getting ready, training the staff, cooking the dishes!! Finally cooking the dishes in our kitchen with our team has been the most satisfying part of being in the restaurant.
The team is excited and ready to start pumping food out of the kitchen. I am ready to see all the hard work everyone has put in finally pay off. I know that those of you who have followed this blog up until this point are ready to come in and experience Tastings.
At this point the blog will begin to take a turn to focus on the cuisine. Matt and I will begin to experiment and share with you our trials and tribulations, we will share our vision on what we believe a culinary experience should be, and we hope that we can inspire and educate while having fun.
With the opening so close I will be running around like crazy for the next few weeks, but I cant wait!!! This is what its all about

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