Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Update

As we approach our first official Tastings Wine Bar & Bistro "all-staff meeting" or as we all know it, orientation day, I am finally feeling like we are right around the corner. As you can see from the pictures, we have finally finished the kitchen build out, the challenge is trying to get the powers at be to let us start "stocking" the kitchen before the front of the house is complete. Will it happen? we have no idea. But what we do know is that the days are approaching, and there are not enough hours in the 24 hour cycle that we all know if as 1 day.
My team is starting to arrive from all corners of the United States.

Matt Maue, Chef De Cuisine, and my sushi chef from the good ole' Lotus days, who by the way has impressed me with his ability to compose unique innovative dishes day in and day out very rarely missing a beat, arrived from Buffalo, NY. we have had the pleasure of cleaning the kitchen together multiple times now, only to arrive the next day to find it just as dusty and dirty as we found it before we cleaned it!! Getting to know every nick and cranny our new kitchen has has really connected us to the space.

Dione Johnson arrived yesterday, our Sous chef from Atlanta, GA. was one of the first line cooks I hired when I was in the Virgin Islands. Her passion for the industry as a whole, not just food makes her an amazing addition to this kitchen, keeping all the cooks and myself in focused state of mind as well as being a strong culinary addition is truly a blessing.

3 other cooks whom I have shared line space with are arriving from the Virgin Islands in the next 2-3 weeks. The ability to have a peace of mind to know that my team is one that has worked together and worked together well, is such a luxury that it is really letting us take the menu to an another level that is usually not suited for the "opening menu".

Trusting my staff from day one to execute a complicated, fast paced, small plates menu is going to allow our cooks that are working with us for the first time to really be trained the way we want them to be. i look forward to leading an unstop able kitchen crew.

Bring On Opening day !!!!!

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