Monday, August 18, 2008

The Menu

As we now move into finalizing the menu, I am starting to get anxious. I have been out of the kitchen for 3 months and counting, so busy that cooking at home is rare. As a cook, you begin to get anxious, nervous almost when those creative juices stop to flow due to lack of culinary engagement.

I read, and read, and read until Ive almost memorized certain books. I engage myself in thinking about pairings, visualizing and trying to taste it in my head. As I think about these things, its so frustrating to not be in whites, knife in hand and chopping, tasting, cooking, feeling the textures, trying to create the ultimate harmony of balance. Sweet, Sour, Salty, Sweet, Umami, Texture and color all of which right now are merely a vision in my head.

The menu at Tastings will focus on forward thinking, globally influenced small plates. We will incorporate modern techniques and presentations, into whenever possible locally sourced products and some of the finest products we can get our hands on from around the globe.

A sample of the opening Tastings Wine Bar & Bistro Menu

Progressive Ocean Tasting
60 degree scallop w/hazelnuts, oyster & chanterelle "cappuccino" w/porcini dust cured wild salmon tartare w/white peach & ginger sambal

Crisp Pork Belly “Cuban”
blueberry mustard, pickled green apple, melted leeks, womanchengo

Watermelon Flight
crème fraiche & salmon caviar, jalapeno & black sea salt, 3 year balsamic vinegar, feta & peppered bacon

Great Hill Blue Flatbread
fig and olive jam, rosemary

Milk & Honey
vanilla-honey soaked genoise cake, milk chocolate mousse

“Coffee & Doughnuts “
warm doughnut foam, espresso cake, cappuccino hazelnut crumble

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