Monday, July 7, 2008

Whats going on at the job site??

Well, up until this point I have not had much to say about the actual build out, I mean how much fun is it to read(or write) about the same thing day in and day out. So I have saved what has been happening for the past 6 weeks for this moment...
Everyday a group of 4-6 guys (and 1 gal) show up for work, they pound, bang, saw, drill, curse, grunt, eat and write things on the wall about the union guys.
The work they're performing is vital. Electrical, plumbing and gas lines have been installed; foundations laid; framing, seismic upgrades, roofing and HVAC (duct work for the ventilation system) work has been completed.
When I was there today, the shower board(wall covering made for easy clean up) was being installed in the kitchen, the tiles have been laid and on Wednesday, yes this Wednesday my walk in cooler will arrive and be installed. But unfortunately, how many pictures of nails and plywood do you really want to see?
But I will apologize now for not posting all of this, this build out has been kicking all of our asses around, our to do list grows as we get closer, our "extra curricular" activities, as I like to call them can be a challenge sometimes, and the dreaded "RFI list"( request for information- contractor lingo I guess) is something that I have tried desperately to not get involved with, with much luck might I add, are all things that require most of our dedicated attention. But at this point, I can finally start to write about things that are happening so quickly,I can begin to take pictures that might interest you, so stay tuned, the fun has just begun!

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I was just hired as one of your waiters about 2 weeks ago, can't wait to work with you!