Sunday, July 13, 2008


As a chef, I believe the menu is the foundation of any great restaurant, I believe many areas have to come together to create a synergy, but in my world the menu has to be one of the strongest pieces holding the foundation together.
There are many parts to a successful restaurant. First there is the ultimate vision, vague at first, but with all of the collaboration between us we have a very clear vision of where we need to go.
Next is the space, and bringing the vision to life within a space that is designed to ultimately turn a profit.
And then there is the menu,this is both the easiest and most difficult part of opening a new restaurant. The first menu is never the one that makes the final opening. The draft menu allows you to focus on several areas:
1. Kitchen Setup( how many stations and pieces of equipment will we need)
2. Labor(how many people will it take to execute)
3.Food Cost( what does it cost to put the plate in front of our guest)
4.China( how much china will we need)
5.Table Turns( how long will a guest spend while dining with us)
It seems the general public only knows about a new restaurant opening when the lights are on, and the smell of fresh food is coming from the kitchen, but they likely will never fully understand just how much planning and work it takes to get there! That's why I am sharing some insights about this process as it relates to the restaurant that we are getting ready to open.
I will over time continue to post general overviews of the creative process involved in opening a new restaurant. It takes time, dedication, patience, compromise, and all around teamwork! Here are a couple of pictures, as you can see the walk in and kitchen are coming along, Mike and I also felt the need for a quick snap shot of us in our hard hats......

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