Thursday, July 3, 2008

4th of July Reflection of American Cuisine

What is American Cuisine? Taco stands of So Cal, fish and chips in the north east, Cuban sandwiches in Miami... all of which originated in other countries. The days of meat and potatoes is barely noticeable anymore, even casual chain eateries are featuring skirt steak sandwiches with plantains, salsa verde and chipotle aioli.
The American culinary scene is growing, and the interest of American culinary traditions is also growing along side.
One place where this is most notable, is in the urban communities where a melting pot of cultures and cuisines is beginning to expand into the suburbs of American cities. The flavors are becoming more and more standard in good old American homes. What once was an International "section" in supermarkets has now become multiple isles representing , no not international cuisine, but NEW AMERICAN CUISINE!!
Then lets consider where this American Cuisine is going. More and More restaurants are taking good ole American food, combining them with international flair and using very high end ingredients. Lets take the Burger, you cant get more USA than a BBQ burger, but now the burger is found on many upscale restaurant menus, KOBE Burger with Foie Gras and Fig Jam, Daniel Boulud has the most expensive burger, the DB Double Truffle Burger in New York, priced at $130.
In the end I guess, the melting pot of cultures is what makes America what it is today. Rich people living along side the poor, White, Black, Hispanic, Chinese, Polish, Jewish all living in the same city block, sharing ideas, culture and cuisine, that is rapidly being developed into a cuisine like no other in the world. New American Cuisine is truly a movement that will not stop, it will continue to grow and catch the attention of the world, it will continue bring together flavors and textures and ingredients like no other cuisine has, and it will continue to be done right here in the USA!!!!!

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