Saturday, May 31, 2008

Where are We Now

As we move forward to our projected opening date. We are now in the middle of construction, oredering, plate ware, silverware, smallwares TV, glass ware and the list goes on and on.
I have been involved in openings before but for some reason this one is something special. The bond we are forming as a team is starting to show more everyday. We spent an entire weekend at the owners Cape Cod bungalow(ok its bigger than most peoples everyday house) and had a great weekend of testing potential menu items, tasting wines and getting to know each other. We had the pleasure of hosting Matt maue, whom I hope decides to come on board as our Chef de Cuisine and my wife and our GMs wife and our children.
This business is the toughest business on earth in my eyes, being able to work with people that you are comfortable with, people who respect what we do for a living, and people who let us make desicions for the better of the venture is more than I can say for most.
I am now going to spend the next few weeks, finalizing the menu, writing manuals and standard operating procedures and hopefully get closer to a solid date for the grand opening.

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