Wednesday, May 7, 2008

small plates

Tastings will be focused on globally inspired small plates using as much local and sustainable product that we can get our hands on. Small plate cuisine some would call is the newly accepted way of eating in the US. Every night millions of hipsters, the young and old, the after work crowd and the no work crowd, families, single folk and many others head out to experience the small plate movement.

The movement here in the states in still fairly new, with everybody jumping on the train with their own version. Asian tapas, Italian tapas, American tapas.....Funny thing is, although a recently accepted trend, it makes sense! Small plate dining and sharing makes total complete sense! The act of eating is so repetitious yet we wont survive with out it.In order to make it interesting (some more than others)we seek out new and unusual cuisine, ingredients, new restaurants and old restaurants just to keep it fresh. But when I sit down with a group of friends, family, my wife or children and we enjoy sharing multiple different dishes while we laugh and talk about our own life and dreams we are sharing in a tradition that has been around for thousands of years, the tradition of Tapas style dining is the most comforting and sensual way of eating one can experience.

More often than not we sit across from others at a restaurant and enjoy our own dish, our own little world so to speak, rarely caring about what the other is eating or experiencing. But when you enjoy tapas, everyone experiences the same flavors, textures, temperatures and visuals yet everyone interprets each of those characteristics so differently. Maybe I am just a sucker for dining and drinking with my closest friends and family, but next time your out, think about how much better that meal is shared amongst friends and loved ones.Think about the tradition you are taking part in.

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