Monday, May 19, 2008

A Day at the Farm

Part team building exercise and part curiosity factor. The team and I headed down to Sid Wainer and Sons Specialty Produce and Specialty Foods to not only check out the warehouse but we were able to visit both green houses and the Jansel Valley Farm.
The green house next to the warehouse was truley amazing, they grow all the micro greens they can, mostly focusing on pea greeans right now but its amazing to see the manual labor and love that the growers are putting into the product they produce.

One of the highlights of the trip was actually driving to the Jansel Valley Farm in Dartmouth MA. Milton, the companies twenty something year old farmer was quite the knowledgeable farmer. While most of us are wondering what to order or placing our orders for the next day, Milton is concerned with the full moon and the possibilty of losing the crop due to a frost. While we aere there he was still deciding on planting baby fennel, building a wind house and setting up irrigation for the June bearing strawberry crop...It was 3pm.
One of the facts that was brought up was the reason they are doing all this, after all 80% of their business is still basic produce which they buy direst from the finest farms in the world. Farming is an art that is slowly disappearing in the state of Massachusetts and in so many other farming communities around the world. The next generation are not choosing to become farmers, they are becoming lawyers, doctors etc.....Sid Wainer hopes that by developing new farming methods, experimenting with new crops and developing ways to increase the profit for local farmers by showing them new techniques (all being developed by a young ambitious next generation farmer,Milton) that at least Sid Wainer has done their part in keeping the tradition alive.
Another very motivating day as we get closer to opening Tastings. We will be supporting Sid Wainer and the efforts they are putting into the food we choose to buy.

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