Thursday, May 8, 2008

chardonnay smoked sea salt

Fumee de sel Chardonnay, WOW! I have heard of this salt, seen it but never used it until a competition I competed in this year. The salt crystals are raked by hand. To dry, the salt is smoked over fires made from the burning of hand selected French oak wine barrels, which have been used to house and age fine French chardonnay for five to seven years. The salt turns a light brown hue from the roasting. The flavor is not only of the smoke but you can really taste the subtle hint of chardonnay.
I purchased approx. 6 oz for 18 dollars so its not your every day table salt, although I find myself finishing everything with it now. Spice House is a great online tool for purchasing not only this salt but many fine spices and herbs.

This salt is a finishing salt, Great on tartar and I have been using it alot in my ceviche preparations lately. This is a new staple in the kitchen.

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