Saturday, January 26, 2008

Michael Laiskonis Blog Premeir

On January 23 Executive Pastry Chef Michael Laiskonis at Le Bernardin premiered his blog "Notes From The Kitchen" with a look at the egg. This got my brain going and I began to take a look at this easily forgotten kitchen staple.

The egg has been a major topic of discussion to any and all who are going to attempt a venture into progressive culinary arts or molecular gastronomy. The egg is the foundation of understanding what science and cooking is all about. The old saying that there are over 100 ways to cook an egg has become an understatement and I truly believe that with todays evolution of the culinary arts that number will be multiplied by hundreds as we continue to develop new and exciting ways to cook! ......Back to the egg, it is easily added to any meal of the day and it can be cooked using nearly every single cooking method known to man, did you also know that nearly 100 percent of all eggs are consumable by man. So what are we missing, what other species of eggs can we venture into consuming. The simple yet probably one of the most misunderstood and forgotten about food of today.

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